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If you are a bookstore, please see the instructions below on how to order copies of Before We Become Extinct – How Do I Get the Confidence to Wear My Natural Woolly Hair? If your bookstore is registered with Lightning Source (LSI), you will be able to order stock from LSI.


Full book title:


Before We Become Extinct: How Do I Get the Confidence to Wear My Natural Woolly Hair?


Black and white version ISBN: 978-1983662164



Applying for a CreateSpace Reseller Account

If you prefer to order directly from CreateSpace at a discounted rate, you can apply for a CreateSpace Direct wholesale account by visiting this link:


How to apply:

1. Complete all fields in the on-line form. Those marked with an asterisk are required fields

2. Download and complete the Resale Verification Form

3. Gather a copy of your Reseller Certificate or Uniform Sales & Use Tax Certificate

4. Fax or e-mail a copy of your Reseller Certificate and completed Resale Verification Form to CreateSpace.


If faxing, send to (206) 922-5928 Attn: CreateSpace Direct Program


If e-mailing, send to with subject line Attn: CreateSpace Direct Reseller Program

Eligibility requirements for the CreateSpace Direct program:

1. You or your business must be a licensed business and provide an active reseller certification.

2. Titles must be enrolled in the CreateSpace Direct channel within Expanded Distribution (ED) to be eligible for wholesale prices. Each member is responsible for enrolling their own titles in this channel.

Once you have submitted your applications, CreateSpace will validate it and notify you of the status within two business days.

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